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ILUZ Premium Tattoo Care


ILUZ premium tattoo care is the result of intensive research by skin specialists and the requirements of tattoo artists. Our premium products are uniquely designed to take care of the needs of tattooed skin.

What we stand for


Our products do not contain any detrimental ingredients like paraffin, parabens, sulfates or mineral oils. We only use natural ingredients which have been thoroughly tested over the decades.
Our products are produced, tested, certified and packed in Germany in accordance to the country’s strict quality guidelines. These undergo rigorous clinical and dermatologist testings on a regular basis on the highest level.

ILUZ Beauty. Made in Germany. Inspired by the world.


Our quality is "Made in Germany", our inspiration comes from all over the world. Our products are created by the impulses of international tattoo artists who combine the style, art and culture of different countries.

ILUZ Weltkarte

On the journey to impulses from different countries.

Inspired by conditions in warm regions, our premium tattoo care offers intensive sun protection with SPF30. Our products provide protection not only from UV-A and UV-B radiation, but also Bluelight, which emanates from cell phone and screen radiation. The perfect protection against color-fading light influences.

Our active ingredients provide the skin with moisture and protect it from dehydration. This plays an important role in warm countries as well as in particularly cold countries with a harsh climate. Strong temperature fluctuations are no problem for our skin care.

Influenced by countries with challenging hygienic conditions, our products support quick healing of the tattoo with nourishing and anti-inflammatory active ingredients.

In one point everyone agrees - the tattoo hast to look fresh and bright for a very long time. The high-quality anti-aging ingredients in combination with our Radiance Glow technology ensure a youthful look for the tattoo and the skin.

What are your Requirements?

We always want to develop our products. What do you want for your Tattoo Care Product? How can we improve the ILUZ Tattoo Radiance Balm or the ILUZ Tattoo Healing Balm? We look forward to your ideas and improvements!

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