Your Tattoo

Your Tattoo.


It represents you. Your personality and your uniqueness. Your lifestyle and your story. It is more than just a picture, more than words, a proof of love or a spontaneous moment of your thirst for adventure. It is a memory, a secret. It is valuable. Care, respect and appreciate it.

Treat your tattoo well.


Your tattoo is beautiful and sexy. It emphasizes your body. And yet it can not be put away like your most expensive piece of jewelry or your very first designer dress. Your tattoo is your eternal companion. Let it shine. Keep it in honor and alive. Love and take care of it from the very beginning.

In a time of no obligation.


Beauty. Fashion. Make up. Lifystyle. Nutrition. Technology. Social media. No trend is permanent. We keep adapting ourselves every day. Bigger, faster, better, more colorful! Fast-paced development and transient can push those special moments in life into the background so that their meaning starts to fade. You hold them tight. With pictures, symbols or words on your skin. A nice thought remaining in a troubled time. Take care of your memory.

Your tattoo forever.


What is connecting tattooed people? They keep it on their skin with pride, forever. It may not reflect the trend or taste of their environment. Nevertheless, they stand by it. Even if life changes them. Why? "Because it makes you who you are. Whatever it was that moved you back then, it made you what you are today." Says a user of the ILUZ Tattoo Radiance Balm. ILUZ wants to embrace this idea. Our premium tattoo care helps you to maintain your tattoo and thus your memory and makes it shine.

ILUZ takes care of your tattoo - with premium quality.


Our Tattoo balms combine the most modern and relevant skincare technologies and selected natural active ingredients.

Beauty. Made in Germany.

Innovative Technologien

Bluelight Technologie zum Schutz vor schädlichen Lichteinflüssen & Radiance Glow Effect Technologie (c) für einen einzigartigen Glanzeffekt.

Natürliche Inhaltsstoffe

Hochwirksame Wirkstoffe, die beruhigend, feuchtigkeitsspendend und entzündungshemmend wirken - mit Anti-Aging-Schutz und Lichtschutzfaktor

Qualität auf höchsten Niveau

ILUZ Premium Tattoo-Pflegeprodukte werden mit Liebe zum Detail entwickelt und sind klinisch und dermatologisch nach strengsten Kriterien getestet.

Wildcat wird die Firma ILUZ in den nächsten Wochen komplett übernehmen - die Marke ILUZ bleibt bestehen. Ab sofort gibt es daher unseren Tattoo Healing Balm und unseren Radiance Balm bei online zu kaufen und ist zusätzlich bereits in vielen Wildcat Stores erhältlich. Weitere Informationen hier. Ausblenden